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Jobful is where you prove your skills through play and where you get matched with the perfect job for you.

Get Hired in 3 simple steps

We work with the coolest employers and we constantly update the platform with some of the most creative and innovative job roles on the market.

1. Create your 360° profile

You are more than just a CV. You are all your experiences, values and ambitions.
Add all the relevant details in your Resume.

Show off your skills through challenges, collect badges and increase your chances to get hired by letting recruiters know more about you.

We encourage an unbiased selection process - your age, gender, nationality won’t be visible on your profile.

2. Get matched

As you tell us more about you, we can connect you with the right opportunities.

You’ll receive jobs matched with your interest and skills, and you will be on top of the list for the jobs that match your skills.

Show your interest in a job, and if the recruiter is interested in your profile, it will be a match! In a maximum 7 days. No more waiting time.

3. Get hired

We work with the coolest employers and we constantly update the platform with some of the most creative and innovative job roles on the market.

Plus we keep a close connection with the recruiters so that you get the much needed feedback.

Ovidiu - Software Developer
The overall experience was really nice. What I found unique and very interesting about Jobful is that Companies can invite Candidates to their jobs. iziBAC invited me for their job, I accepted and we began writing history.
Alexandra N.
Start / Restart Jobful Academy
Exactly what I needed to start my career change!
Alexandra Stoica - Talent Acquisition and Identification Specialist
Coca - Cola HBC
We love to innovate in everything we do. That is why we built the Management Trainee Course on Jobful. This initiative helped us develop a new communication channel with potential candidates interested in our Rise Management Trainee program. We provided detailed information about our company in a gamified way, transforming the recruitment process for recruiters and the candidates in a playground.

Increase your chances to get hired

Why a gamified recruiting process will help you get hired

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of Domino’s Pizza Magnate game. Or Google’s infamous “code jams.” But do you know the secret behind these recruiting strategies? And we don’t just mean the secret to why massive, global-dominant companies like these are using games ...

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How to still enjoy your life while you’re looking for a job

Looking for a job is a job itself, such an irony, right? Whoever feels tired of investing dozens of hours in writing Cover Letters and adapting their CVs with not even a call for an interview… raise your hand, here we are! ...

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Academies and Challenges

Jobful started from the wish of creating a platform that can help professionals find the right roles, in the right companies and sustain their career development - from the first job to career change, to changing jobs for career advancement. ...

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