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Digital Copywriter
11 months ago
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  • Domain Sales
  • Availability Full-time
  • Experience Mid Level
  • Type of contract Indeterminate term
  • Location Oradea
  • Salary 800 - 1200

Digital Copywriter - OptiOffer

Position Type: Full-Time, Contract, Long-TermLocation: Oradea

About OptiOffer

Our vision is to create a world where searching, buying and selling professional equipment is accessible to any company, no matter the size. Every business needs specific equipment and it should be a couple of clicks away. Having a central and unified data flow from manufacturers to end customers is necessary for the next breakthrough in the market.

We are committed to helping the best sales professionals and small to medium sized businesses drive more sales with less effort. That’s why we created OptiOffer, a quote management software designed to help businesses manage progressive pricing, data entry and budget to build effective price quotations. Features include customizable templates, automated emails, client/catalog management and more. This way, we free up valuable business time and resources and help companies focus on what matters most - their business relationships. 

Our Journey

The idea of OptiOffer began 3 years ago. In our experience we found out that the world of professional equipment sales is still using legacy tools and procedures that, instead of supporting the sales professional and entrepreneur, creates frustration and makes them waste hundreds of hours yearly. We have been on the frontline of this battle, from the perspective of the sales agent, entrepreneur, and business developer. As young professionals, we took it upon ourselves to make the change.

During the first two years, we dedicated our efforts  to a small handful of customers while refining the product. In 2021 we quitted our jobs to focus on the customers and prepare the product for the international market.

Culture and team

Today, we are a crew of young optimists, working around the clock to create an intuitive and long lasting product. We are determined to validate our ideas and improve constantly, so that we can provide reliability and high quality to the sales community. Among ourselves, we share pure feedback and enjoy open communication, while challenging ourselves to never stop learning.

Your part in our story

Our marketing team is currently focused on launching the product internationally and assuring significant traction in multiple markets. We are testing several strategic marketing approaches at the same time. One of the most opportune directions for our context is the organic traffic we could bring. We need a copywriter experienced in blog articles, who will grow to provide expert-level content on the quoting process and business efficiency.

The Role

What you will be doing as a Digital Copywriter:

  • Learn about the value our product provides to our clients and where we fit in the market
  • Assimilate knowledge from the CEO, CMO and CTO to become an expert in the quoting process, overall supply-chain dynamics and business efficiency
  • Decide with the team on the topics to approach in new articles, based on the depth of our users’ challenges
  • Perform keyword research for the chosen topics
  • Create blog articles with the users’ challenge in mind and revisit them with SEO in mind (we can provide expert-advisors to support you)
  • Create in-depth e-books based on the already published content 
  • Occasionally: help the team to polish email sequencing and advertising copy
  • Navigate through the product regularly to understand how the features fit together
  • Attend daily stand ups and other meetings to sync with the rest of the company
  • Contribute to design sprints along with the development, UX, marketing, and product teams
  • Stay aware of the big picture and signal whenever you think the team is missing something important or you have a better solution

What will help you create impact:

  • Technical background
  • At least 2 years’ experience in researching, synthesizing and emphasizing points in blog articles, at a proficient level
  • Good knowledge of keyword research, publishing plan, article prioritization, structured delivery
  • Optional: Experience with SEO, macroeconomics, marketing strategy and marketing tactics
  • Being up to date with the latest trends in your field
  • Personal qualities
  • Communicating clearly and openly, offering feedback and being eager to receive it
  • Being self-motivated and working autonomously, while also collaborating effectively with all team members
  • Having a customer orientation and easily adapting to constant changes
  • Taking initiative even outside your role and solving problems creatively
  • Learning from mistakes and constantly improving to provide high quality
  • Being supportive and eager to create strong relationships within the team
  • Legal entity (PFA/SRL)
  • General knowledge of startup-related terminology (optional)
  • Advanced Romanian and English skills
  • Personal working station and equipment (laptop/PC/Mac)

As part of the team, you will enjoy:

  • Autonomy and trust to do your part as you see fit
  • Direct impact of your work on the product success
  • Team’s support and curiosity towards your work
  • Open team communication, to learn from each other and share ideas freely
  • Familiar tools that will support your work process
  • Space for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Fun get-togethers with the OptiCrew, a twisted kind of humour, pet pics & gifs
  • Learning how to make use of every penny and second efficiently
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work & coworking space in Oradea
  • Salary range 800 - 1200 €, and other financial benefits such as employee stock options, based on the value you bring
  • The startup life with its fun and challenging sides

Our hiring process

  • Application - Please apply by filling our Application Form. We will carefully analyse your profile and reach back with our response within a few working days.

  • Intro Call - We will invite you to a video call with one of our founders and People & Culture to get to know each other a little better. You will find out about our journey and we will talk about how we can work together.

  • Skills Screening & Portfolio - You will fill in your self-assessment on the most relevant skills for the role. You will also send us the best samples of your work that show your relevant skills. 

  • Interview - We will invite you to meet in person over coffee, together with the technical leader and People & Culture. In this meeting we will discuss the job specifics, and we will focus on your technical background as well as cultural fit.

  • Job Offer - Offers are our specialty and we can’t wait to get to this step!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The OptiCrew

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