Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.

Disrupt your talent acquisition KPIs:

time to fill decreased
Get rid of the siloed process and lack of transparency. Use our AI Recommender to improve time to fill
in pipeline growth QoQ
Leverage your candidate database and start to crowdsource talent using referrals
drop-off rate optimization
Gamify candidate experience, with rewards, learning quests and pre-testing challenges
increase Brand Awareness
Offer your candidates a smart, engaging experience building a long term brand as employer

Four dimensions of business impact

We deliver end-to-end customised solutions to drive talent acquisition at full speed.

Internalize Talent Acquisition

Seamless integrations
Our modules are fully customizable and easy to deploy on your career website to fit your overall HR and IT environment.

Automated flows
Skip the boring and repetitive tasks. Trigger candidates based on their actions, status phase, or engagement level.

Engage & Pre-qualify

Gamified Experience
Gamification turns process actions into rewards that ensures higher candidate involvement and measures desired behaviors.

Challenges System
Challenges pre-qualify and pre-test your talent poll through interactive quests that sparks the competition and skill proving.

Upskill & Grow

Support your candidates learning path with online courses to up-skill the talent market towards your business goals.

Referral system & shop
Incentive candidates or employees to make referrals and promote your brand in return for goodies and experiences from the shop.

Recruitment Excellence

Recommender AI
Skip the pre-screening, get the best fitting candidates for each opportunity using our precisely AI system.

Bias-free Decision
All profiles are anonymized to remove potential bias. Decide your best fit focusing on the aspects that matter.

Matching System
Get the confirmation of interest through a virtual handshake between candidates and employers.

Get a preview of our impact

Projected Hires / Year
<50 2000+
Average Time To Fill (days)
<25 100+
Average Cost / Hire ($)
<5k 100k
Recruiting Team Size
1 50+
Recruiter Annual Salary ($)
20k 100k+
5 000 000 $
Current Budget Forecast
500 000 $
Projected Money Saved
70 Days
Optimized Time to Fill

Choose a plan that fits your objectives.


Designed for small & medium sized businesses, having one dedicated person for the entire talent acquisition process

Team Scale

Built for fast growing companies looking to expand quickly, facilitating collaboration between sourcing and hiring managers

Enterprise Grid

Customized for large teams in multiple territories, adding a strong tech engine for talent acquisition and engagement


Available on:

SAP App Center
Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Coming soon

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