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Make Your Career Platform Stand Out

Build a candidate smart experience and optimize your talent acquisition process


Capitalize on Your Recruitment Investment

By optimizing the pre-screening process and the candidate experience, you get the best of both worlds:
engaged candidates and a better pool of talent, all while lowering your overall costs significantly.

Empower Your Hiring Team

  • Automate your pre-screening process and optimize costs
  • Shortlist candidates & increase conversion rates by matching candidates with open roles
  • Streamline communication between candidates and hiring managers
  • Improve quality of hiring by eliminating biases

Optimize Your Hiring process

Disrupt Talent Acquisition through Pipeline Growth

  • Get a visible yearly growth of your candidate pool
  • Crowdsource talent through candidate & employee referral
  • Monitor your actively growing database through multiple touchpoints

Grow Your Candidate Pipeline

Engage Future Talent

  • Implement a flawless fast track for career opportunities
  • Keep your best talent engaged throughout the process
  • Gamify candidate experience for better conversion rates
  • Overcome talent shortage by upskilling for your most difficult to fill skills and roles

Plan for the Future

Build your Business Case

Projected Hires / Year
<50 2000+
Average Time To Fill (days)
<25 100+
Average Cost / Hire ($)
<5k 100k
Recruiting Team Size
1 50+
Recruiter Annual Salary ($)
20k 100k+
5 000 000 $
Current Budget Forecast
500 000 $
Projected Money Saved
70 Days
Optimized Time to Fill

We fit right into your existing infrastructure

Security & GDPR friendly
Keep full ownership of your talent database

Easy deployment
Start immediately with our end-to-end solution

Smooth Integration
With your current ATS or HCM

Talent Attraction
Leverage scientific behavioral insights to convert talent

Available on:

SAP App Center
Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Coming soon

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